Aloo bhaji Recipe

Aloo bhaji is a side recipe. You can serve this recipe in the main course as well as breakfast and dinner. The main ingredient of this recipe is aloo. This is very easy to prepare and it also takes less time to prepare. You can serve this with paratha, roti, puri, rice, pakhala etc. Aloo bhaji is very tasty with less no of ingredients. You have to use very common ingredients which can easily be available in your home.

Ingredients of Aloo bhaji

Aloo——–4 no

Onion——-1 no

Tumeric pwd—1/3rd tsp

Oil———1 tbsp

Mustard seed–1/3rd tsp

Dry Red chilli—2no

How to prepare Aloo bhaji

Take some raw aloo. Cut this aloo with peel into two equal portions vertically. Then make slices and cut these slices into Julienne and pieces should not be very thin. Cut all aloo like this then wash these pieces with water two to three times and keep with little water because if any sand particles are present that settle down in the water, not in potatoes.

Now switch on the gas and put the pan on the gas.

  • When the pan becomes heated add mustard oil into the pan then add onion Julian’s and green chilies into the pan, then saute for 2-3 Minutes when the onion becomes light brown in color then side all these onions and green chilies and all remaining oil present in the center then add punch phoron or only mustard seed and dry red chili whole ( break into two parts )into the oil.
  • . If you are consuming less chilli you can add according to your choice you may skip chillies.
  • Then mustard seed start to splat.
  • Then add all these aloo pieces to the pan don’t add potatoes with all water collect only potato pieces because sand particles may be present in the bottom of the water now saute the aloo pieces.
  • Add turmeric powder,salt and add 1/4 cup of water and cover with a lid then after 2-3 minutes cheak potato pieces with a spatula by pressing if it breaks easily the potato is boiled otherwise cover it for another 2-3 minutes on low flame.
  • Then open it and saute for 2 minutes in high flame. Then switch off the gas. Now also bhaji is ready.

    aloo bhaji recipe
    aloo bhaji recipe

How to serve aloo bhaja

You can serve aloo bhaji with rice, roti, paratha,pudi, etc.

You can eat with pakhal. As a Odia I love pakhal with aloo bhaja. Actually, this combination is a very good taste. If you don’t know what is pakhala then I am giving a little idea about pakhal i.e we add water to leftover rice which will be fermented in next morning. If you make immediate pakhal then add some curd in rice water and add a little salt. Then your pakhal is ready. Later I will share pakhal with you in detail. You can serve this aloo bhaji with pakhal

You can serve aloo bhaji with paratha. Paratha with aloo bhaji gives a very good taste. You can take this combination for your lunch pack. You can give it to your children in a school tiffin box. In my college time, my mother always gave me paratha and aloobhaja in breakfast. I can’t forget those days now I am making paratha and aloo bhaja for my mother for breakfast.

You can serve aloo bhaji with roti. This is good in taste but this combination is dry type
so if you add some curd or other chatni with this combination then it is very awosm in taste.

You can serve this aloo bhaji with pudi. Spicy aloo bhaji with pudi gives a delicious taste. You can take this on any special occasion or festival.

If you want to eat any special puja then you can skip the onion and use jeera instead of mustard seed.

How to make best aloo bhaja

Make equal size aloo pieces because it can all the aloo pieces cook in one time otherwise one is cooked and another will not cook.
Don’t add more water otherwise, aloo will be overcooked and aloo bhaja contains water which is not good aloo bhaja.

If you making thin pieces then don’t add any water to boil. Only cover the aloo pieces with a lid and cook in low flame and check in interval. It cook automatically with itself.

This aloo bhaja is really very good in taste you should try for once. I am telling if you try once you will prepare several times.

If you facing any problems then send me your queries in the comment section. Then I will try to solve it.




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