Gulab Jamun Recipe | Gulab Jamun Recipe With Milk Powder


Gulab Jamun Recipe – Here I am sharing step by step photo of Gulab jamun Recipe. This recipe comes under the sweet category. These are delicious sweet balls. These deep-fried gulab jamun balls are made up of milk solid, all-purpose flour, and then soaked in sugar syrup with flavoring agents like cardamom powder, rose water, and saffron flakes. These sweets are famous among people in all festivals and various event celebrations.


Gulab jamun recipe

Gulab jamun¬†comes from two words i.e Gulab and Jamun. “Gulab” means rose and “Jamun” means berry. These sweets color like roses color and size like a berry. Traditionally in the gulab jamun Recipe khoya is used as a base ingredient but khoya is not available everywhere or every time. It is very difficult to make a khoya in-house and it takes more time. So now many people have used milk powder instead of khoya.

These sweet is generally prepared for different festivals like Diwali, Holi, Navaratri, Eid, Weddings, Birthday Parties, and other celebrations.

People are taking sweets to their friend’s and relatives’ houses when they visit. At that time they choose to take different types of sweets like gulab jamun, jalebi, rasgully, Besan Ladoo, Cham Cham, Chhena Poda, Chhena Gaja, etc.

Now gulab jamun making is very easy. You can try the gulab jamun recipe at home with a very less amount of ingredients.

There are several ways for making this recipe

The traditional way always used khoya to make this recipe. In Hindi, khoya is known as mawa. Khoya is a dried milk solid which are made from full-fat whole milk by evaporation. This khoya is also available in the frozen section of a grocery shop. Khoya is available in different varieties. We should use unsweetened khoya for this recipe.

Some people make gulab jamun with milk powder instead of khoya because sometimes khoya is not available at home but Milk powder is always easily available at home. Here I will share this type of gulab jamun with milk powder.

 Now instant mix pwd is available in the market. These are very easy to prepare. Beginners to experienced each group of people can prepare this type of sweets.

You can also prepare different types of Gulab Jamun recipes with different ingredients. According to the main ingredient they are named suji gulab jamun, atta gulab jamun, sweet potato gulab jamun, moong dal gulab jamun, etc.


Ingredients Of Gulab jamun


Milk powder (full fat)————-1 cup
Milk———————————-1/2 cup
Sugar——————————–2 cups
All-purpose flour——————4 tbsp
Cardamom————————-2 to 3 no
Desi ghee————————–1 tsp
Rosewater(optional)————1/2 tsp
Baking powder——————–1/4th tsp
Saffron(optional)——————1 to 2 flakes
Oil/ghee  for deep fry





Sugar Syrup For Gulab Jamun

  1. Put a saucepan on the gas.
  2. Add 2 cups of sugar to the pan.
  3. Add 2 cups of water into the pan.
  4. Add cardamom pwd into the pan.
  5. Add 1/2 tsp rose water or few flakes of saffron into the sugar syrup.
  6. Now stir the sugar and wait to melt all sugar.
  7. If the sugar syrup is not transparent then add 2 tbsp of milk into the sugar syrup.
  8. After few seconds white color impurities float on the sugar syrup. Separate these impurities with a help of a spoon from the sugar syrup.
  9. In syrup, the thread should not come. Only feel a thick gum-like sugar syrup between two fingertips when you check.
  10. Now cover the sugar syrup to keep warm.

Procedure for Gulab jamun Recipe

  1. Take a bowl, Add 1cup of milk pwd,1 tsp desi ghee, 4 tbsp all-purpose flour.
  2. Add 1/4 of the tsp baking powder.
  3. Mix all the above ingredients with your hand and make a mixture.
  4. Now add 2 tbsp of milk into the mixture. If needed add another tbsp of milk.
  5. Mix milk and mixture properly.
  6. Now a khoya-like solid dough is prepared. 
  7.                         Gulab jamun
  8. Knead the mixture properly with your hand for 5 minutes.
  9. It becomes a smooth dough.
  10. Gulab jamun


  11. Then divide the dough and make a small equal ball.
  12. Make very well furnished round balls they should be crack-free.
  13. Now put a frying pan on the gas.
  14. Now add oil or ghee into the pan on low flame.
  15. When oil becomes warm in low to medium flame then add one batch of balls to fry. You stir oil slowly from the side as a result the balls are automatically moved to fry equally from all sides. 
    Gulab jamun
  16. After 1 minute turns the regulator into a medium flame and stir regularly otherwise balls will burn or it will be unequal color.
  17. When balls become radish color then take out all the balls from the oil and keep them in a sugar syrup bowl. It should be warm otherwise it will be difficult to soak syrup by ball.
    Gulab jamun
  18. Now try to dip the balls in sugar syrup with the help of a spoon for few minutes.
  19. Now leave for four hours and check if the balls are under the sugar syrup then understand the process of soaking is complete and Gulab Jamun is ready to eat. 
  20. You can serve this gulab jamun in hot or chill according to your taste. But I love this gulab jamun at room temperature.Gulab jamun Recipe

Tips for Best Gulab Jamun Recipe

  • Add balls immediately into warm sugar syrup otherwise, balls can’t absorb the sugar syrup and as a result, gulab jamun becomes hard.¬†
  • If you prepare this recipe in desi ghee that will be the best result than oil. If you want to avoid ghee you can prepare this in oil but you can use one tbsp of ghee in the first khoya preparation procedure for a good smell.
  • If you want more flavor, you can use rose water and saffron flakes along with cardamom powder.¬†

Types of Gulab jamun Recipe

Nowadays we can prepare gulab jamun with various ingredients.  According to the main ingredient they are named like Atta gulab jamun from Atta. These are also very good in taste like Gulab Jamun.  These are 


  • ¬†Atta
 In this type, we used whole wheat flour, milk, sugar, and flavoring Gulab Jamun.
  • Suji¬†

¬†In this type of gulab jamun, we used suji or semolina as the main ingredient. You can’t believe suji gulab jamun is also Juicy, soft, and tasty like other gulab jamun.¬†
  • Moong Dal¬†

¬†Some of you listen to the first time Moong Dal gulab jamun. In this recipe, moong dal is the main ingredient. When you taste it you can’t guess this is prepared from moong dal.¬†


  • Sweet potato¬†

Sweet potato or Samarkand gulab jamun are looked like normal gulab jamun. The main key ingredient is sweet potato. Here boil sweet potatoes are used to prepare this recipe. These are also Juicy, soft, and also eye-catching in color like other gulab jamun.

One advantage is due to the natural sweetness you don’t add any sugar in ball preparation. You have to use sugar only in syrup.¬†

Some questions 

 Q. Why sometimes gulab jamun are not juicy like the market?


Ans:- To get soft, juicy type gulab jamun you should remember always that you have to add frying balls immediately into the warm sugar syrup and press in syrup for a few minutes with a help of a spoon, and keep in sugar syrup for four hours.


Q. Why all gulab jamun is not evenly colored on all sides?


Ans:- To get even color on all sides you have to stir constantly all gulab jamun and rotate all sides at the stage of deep-fried then you can get proper color balls like a shop.


Q. Can we prepare milk solid from milk powder?


Ans:- Yes we can prepare milk solid from milk powder. Actually, this recipe needs khoya but always khoya is not available at the home. So instantly prepare khoya from milk powder. This is not the traditional way of gulab jamun preparation. Traditionally, you have to use khoya as the main ingredient.

In this post, I am trying to share the gulab jamun recipe. If you have to face any problems with making these sweets then you can leave your queries in the comment box then I will get back to you. Always I am sharing other useful recipes. you can try my other useful recipes.



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