Rasgulla Recipe

Rasgulla comes under the dessert category.  These are white sweet chhena balls and also juicy with sugar syrup. Rasgulla is made up of ball-shaped dumplings of chhena and semolina dough which are cooked in sugar syrup. It can be served at hot, cold, or room temperature. 

Rasgulla Recipe



Rasgulla word comes from two words ‘Ras’ means syrup and golla mean ball-like structure which is made up of chhena.

Another names are rasagolla, rasagollaka, rasogolla, rashogola of rasgully. Similar types of other dishes are Rasabali,chhena Gaja,chhena poda,chhena jhilli, etc. The main ingredient is chenna and others are semolina, sugar, and cardamom powder for flavoring. 

How to make rasgulla

 Rasgulla making is very easy. In my home rasgulla has been preparing for several years in every new year and another festival. Home-made Rasgulla is also very good like a shop. You can customize the size and flavor of Rasgulla according to your choice.  


Rasgulla recipe needs few ingredients for preparation. The main ingredient is chhena which is also made at home from milk, we need few spoons of semolina or maida or cornflour. Here I am taking all-purpose flour then we need sugar for syrup. The syrup should be very light and some cardamom powder for flavoring. We mix the all-purpose flour with chhena and mix well and make a soft dough and make chhena balls to make rasgulla. Then you have to put these balls into the boil sugar syrup and boil till syrup absorve by chenna ball and becomes soft, sweet rasgulla.

 What is chhena? 

For the Rasgulla recipe, we need chhena. Chhena is nothing but coagulates milk. A little difference between chhena and paneer is that when we tied up coagulate milk in a thin cloth and hang this cloth to drain out excess water that is known as chhena and when we set firmly that hang coagulated milk with help of a weight substance i.e known as a panner. Panner is less moist than chhena. Always I make different types of sweets like Sandesh, chhena Gaja, cham cham, ras malai, kheera(chhena payas), chenna mudki, etc. To prepare these sweets I always make homemade chhena or paneer according to the recipe’s requirements.  

Ingredients for  chhena recipe


If you want to buy chhena from the shop then you skip these steps otherwise you can make pure soft chhena by following this procedure. We can get 300-350 grams of chhena from 1 lit of cow’s full-fat milk. How much chhena you will get from milk depends on the quality of milk. To prepare chhena  you need

Cow’s milk(full fat )                     1 lit
Lemon (cut into two half)           1 no

Procedure for chhena

  1. Put 1 lit capacity saucepan on the gas.
  2. Pour the milk into a saucepan and leave it to boil.  
  3.                                    Rasgulla recipe
  4.  Take one lemon juice and the same quantity of water then make a dilute mixture of lemon juice.
  5. When one boil comes then turn the gas into low flame add 1 spoon of lemon juice water into milk.
    Rasgulla recipe


  6.  Then milk starts to curdle. Then add one by one spoon lemon water.
  7. Stir continuously.
  8. After some time milk becomes fully curdles.
  9. If fully curdle doesn’t occur in the milk then add more lemon juice water into milk.
  10.  After few minutes you will see curdle milk on the greenish whey.
    Rasgulla recipe
  11. Now set a big size bowl with a strainer that is lined with a thin cotton cloth or muslin.
  12. Then you pour all the curdle milk into clothes.
    Rasgulla recipe


  13.  Now add some water over curdle milk to wash the chhena to remove the lemon flavor from chhena.
  14. Again add some water.
  15. Then bring all the edges together of the cotton cloth and squeeze gently to drain out excess water.
    Rasgulla recipe
  16. Now, this chhena is ready. 
Ingredients of Rasgulla

Always take 1 tbsp of semolina or maida(all-purpose flour) for one cup of Chhena. Measure Chhena in a measuring cup if it is around one cup then add one spoon of semolina or maida. 

Chhena                            350 grams
Semolina or maida           1 tsp
Sugar                               2 cups
Cardamom pwd                1 tsp

Chenna should be moist but not contain more water. If chenna is less moist rasgulla becomes hard and if chenna is more moist rasgulla will not be spongy. So always keep in your mind that chhena should maintain the balance of moisture for perfect rasgulla.


Procedure for Rasgulla recipe

  1.  We need hang chhena for rasgulla preparation.
  2. Keep the chenna in a cotton cloth.
  3. To drain out excess water hang the cotton in a hanger or you may hang it in a water tab.
  4. After 2 hours excess water will be removed.
  5. Now collect chhena balls from cotton.
  6. Take hang chhena on a plate.
    Rasgulla recipe
  7. Mix this chhena with your palm.
  8. Then add all-purpose flour into the chhena.
    Rasgulla recipe
  9. Now mix well these two things like a dough with your palm for 5 minutes and Make a soft dough. 
  10. For the tasting, you take a small amount of dough make a ball with two hands. Don’t give more force make it lightly if a crack-free ball becomes then you confirm that the dough is ready.
    Rasgulla recipe
  11. Make small equal balls of chhena from dough then make round each ball with hand.
  12. Now cover these balls in a wet cotton cloth.
  13. Now put a pan or Kadai in the gas.
  14. Add 2cup sugar into a pan.
    Rasgulla recipe
  15. Add 8 cups of water into the pan and let it boil.
  16.  Make syrup ( no threads required).
  17. If any impurities present in sugar syrup then add 1 tsp milk into the sugar syrup.
  18. Then all impurities will comes along with milk and float over the syrup. You remove these impurities.
    Rasgulla Recipe
  19. In this stage add cardamom powder into syrup.
    Rasgulla recipe
  20. Now sugar syrup is ready.
  21. Take a chhena ball again give a finishing touch in your hand then add into sugar syrup one by one and let it boil in medium to high flame for 1 minute.
  22. After one minute cover the pan with a lid but not full like the image for 7 minutes.
    Rasgulla recipe
  23. After 7 minutes open the lid see rasgulla are double in size.
    Rasgulla recipe
  24. Now cook this rasgulla for another 7 minutes without the lid.
  25. Now turn off the gas but cover the rasgulla with a lid.
  26.  Wait for 2 hours for absorbing sugar syrup by chhena balls in a result rasgulla becomes soft, spongy, juicy type rasgulla and looks like shop rasgulla.
    Rasgulla recipe
  27. Now rasgulla is complete.
  28. You can serve it cold, hot, or at room temperature.
  29. Rasgulla is an all-time favorite of sweet lovers.


Don’t add more all-purpose flour into the dough. If you add more all-purpose flour into rasgulla dough rasgullas becomes very hard.

If your syrup looks very dirty or not transparent add 1 tablespoon of milk at the time of syrup making which will remove all impurities which are present in the syrup.

You should give a final touch to make a round shape when you add in sugar syrup otherwise bottom of the rasgulla becomes flat.

Add chenna balls into sugar syrup when sugar syrup is boiling.

If sugar syrup reduces in volume add little warm water into the syrup.


If you have any problems with making this Rasgulla. You can leave your questions in the comment section then I will get back to you. Always I am sharing other recipes. You can also try my other useful recipes.




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