Baingan Bharta Recipe

Baingan bharta is a traditional recipe. This is very good in taste. This recipe comes under main course as a side recipe of roti, paratha, nan and also rice. This baingan bharta prepared from roasted baingan(brinjal).

This is a very healthy recipe it contains less oil and less spicy which again very good. Most of traditional food lover love baingan bharata. You can eat this bharta with roti, paratha and rice. This is not very dry type so it is good to eat with roti and paratha. You also serve this with rice in thali as one of side item. You can also serve this recipe both in lunch and dinner.

Baingan bharta recipe is very easy to cook. You can prepare this recipe in less time. This recipe required few ingredients which are present in your kitchen easily. Due to easy preparation you can prepare this recipe most of time.

To prepare best baingan bharta you have to follow some tips and tricks. By following these tricks you can prepare very good baingan bharta. This is not a big thing to prepare a baingan bharta but preparing a best baingan bharta is a big thing. Please follow all the tips and tricks of baingan bharta recipe to prepare best baingan bharta.

Let’s start Baigan Bharta Recipe

Ingredients of Baingan Bharta

Baingan(big)—-2 no
Onion(big)——-1 no
Green chilli—— 2 no
Peanuts———–15-20 no
Mustard seed—- 1/4th tsp

Step By Step Baingan Bharta Recipe

  1. Take one baingan and poke with a knife. A hole must start from one side and end in another side. Then polish the brinjal with 2-3 drop of mustard oil with your hand. Then switch on the gas and keep the brinjal over the burner in high flame.
  2. Observe when black paches are start then rotated the brinjal and roast the brinjal till it becomes black and press the brinjal with a spoon it feels soft in this stage switch of the gas.
  3. Take out the brinjal from the gas and keep in a plate now cut the brinjal from center in two equal part and let it cool. When it becomes cool then peel all the roasted black skin from brinjal. Clean the brinjal with little water. Now it becomes clean and black skin are totally removed. Now cut the stem of which is still present in brinjal.
  4. Now cut onion in Juliennes. Cut the green chillies. If you have peanuts take some peanuts otherwise skip. Take some chopped finely coriender leaves.
  5.  First switch on the gas then put a pan on the gas then add two tbsp oil or if you want to consume less oil then add accordingly to you then add onion slices and saute it .
  6.  Fry it till onion turns to light brown colour then make a space by siding onion then add mustard seeds and broken dry red chilli in the oil after some time seeds will crack add zinger and garlic paste and cook for two minute.
  7. Then add tomato cubes and cook for another minute then add all pwd spices like termeric pwd, coriender pwd, red chilli pwd, then add two tbsp of paobhaji masala which enhance the taste of baingan bharta.
  8. Mix all these spices and cook for another two minutes if it feel very dry then add little amount of water over it.
  9. Then add previously prepared brinjal paste. Now add roasted peanuts(optional) and chopped coriander over the paste mix all with a help if spatula cook for 2-3 minutes and saute continuously.
  10. Then switch if the gas. Plate out the baingan bharta and garnish with some fresh coriender leaves now baingan bharta is ready to serve.
  11. This recipe is very easy to make but if you are preparing for first time you will face some problems after preparing again and again you see your bharta prepared in less time with good taste.baingan recipe

Tips and tricks to make best baigan bharta

1. Choose best quality baingan or brinjal. At the time of brinjal buying test the brinjal by pressing with your hand. Soft brinjal is good to taste than hard. Choose big size soft brinjal for bharta.

2. Keep attention at this time of roast. Baingan roasting is a technique. You should learn. Always roast in high flame. First roast one side after complete roasting one side roast other side. Then press with a help of a spoon if it feel soft then roasting is complete.

3. If you want some fusion in baingan bharta you can add 1 spoon curry powder but it is not used in traditional baingan bharta. This is optional otherwise it is awesome.

How to serve baingan bharta

You can serve this baigan bharta with rice as a side dish. Combination of rice, dal with baingan bharta is a very good in taste. This is very easy to prepare and taste to it. You can prepare in very less time.

You can also serve bharta with roti. Bharta contain moisture, so you can easily eat with roti. Like rice combination of roti with baigan gives a complete taste. Baigan bharta can be serve with paratha. You can serve also with nan.

If you are in hurry or you haven’t enough time to prepare no. of items then you can go for it. I request you to try this once. You serve this simple baingan bharta with rice and dal. This type baigan bharta is also gives very good taste with roti, paratha and nan.

If you are facing any problems to preparing this baigan bharta you can send me your query in comment section then I will try to solve your query.

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