Best Instant Lemon pickle Recipe

Most people love to eat pickle each breakfast, lunch, and dinner as side items. Lemon pickle is very popular due to its awesome taste and medicinal value. You can easily prepare an instant lemon pickle recipe.


lemon pickle always served with rice, roti, paratha, nan, dosa, idli, aloo paratha, etc. In a thali small amount of pickles are always present. 

This type of instant lemon pickle is awesome in taste rather than another pickle. These are eye-catching in color and also can prepare quickly. The aroma of spices makes pickles very aromatic. You can prepare this pickle in 3-4 days, but the pickle becomes tastier when days are going. 

Instant lemon pickle contains fresh lemon as the main ingredient which contains a high amount of vitamin C, fiber and plant compounds, and different types of spices which are also very good for health.
Generally, lemon having no benefits some of them are
  • Lemon is a good home remedy for digestive issues.
  • It contains zero cholesterol.
  • ¬†Lemon dissolve kidney stones
  • It controls heart rate and BP
  • Lemon is Benefits¬† in anemia
Types of lemon pickle 

According to taste lemon pickle are two types

  • ¬† ¬† ¬† sweet lemon pickle¬†
  • ¬† ¬† ¬† sour lemon pickle.

In the sweet version, you need to add jaggery for sweetness. This is the only difference between the sweet and sour versions but spices are the same in both types.

But according to the preparation procedure lemon pickle is prepared instantly so this is named instant lemon pickle. This type of pickle takes few days to prepare. Another is a dry version of the lemon pickle recipe which you can store for more than one year. This type of lemon pickle takes more time to dry lemon pieces in sunlight. Due to this procedure, this lemon pickle takes more time to prepare.

If you want to prepare instant¬†lemon pickle recipes¬†that will be ready within 3-4 days. Instant lemon pickle is also very tasty but one demerit of instant lemon pickle is you can’t store lemon pickles for several years. But you can store it in the refrigerator and enjoy it for several months.
Below I am sharing details of the instant lemon pickle recipe.


Ingredients for a lemon pickle recipe

Fresh Lemon                  20 no.

Fresh green chilies        20 no(optional)

Turmeric pwd                 2tsp

Mustard pwd                  5 tbsp

Fennel pwd                    4 tsp

Fenugreek pwd              1/2 tsp

Mustard oil                     1 cup

Red Chilli pwd                3 tsp

Salt.                                2tsp


Procedure for an instant lemon pickle recipe

1.Take lemons and wash 2-3 times with tap water.

2.Now keep the lemons in a bowl where excess water will drain out. 

3.Now take a kitchen towel and wipe dry each lemon to make it moisture-free. 

4.Now spread these lemons on a plate at room temperature or under a fan and leave for few hours to completely dry if any moisture is present.

5.After some time you should check whether lemons are moisture-free or not. If they are completely dry then go to the next step cutting otherwise leave for some time more to moisture-free. 

6.Before going to the cutting procedure check your hands, chopping board, bowl, jar, plates, knife everything should be moisture-free. 

7.If you want small pieces of lemon then cut each lemon into 8 pieces otherwise cut each into 4 pieces.

8.Cut all the lemons into equal size.

9.If you adding green chilies then add all the chilies here without cutting.

10.Now add salt and turmeric powder into lemon pieces and mixed very well. 

11.Store these lemon pieces in a clay pot or glass jar for 3 days to become soft. 

12.In this period you should shake well the pickles jar every day.

13.After 3 days lemon becomes starts to soft so now you have to add spices.

14.To make powder keep all the spices in the sunlight for 3-4 hours because if any moisture present that will evaporate and it becomes dry so, you can easily make powder.

15.Mix each spicy separately. If you want to make your work easy you can mix(mustard, fennel, fenugreek) then make a powder.

16.You can give a temper or you can skip tempering. Some people are love to give a temper but I personally love without a temper pickle.

17.Now the time to mix all the spices for that you put a kadai or a pan in gas add mustard oil and when oil becomes hot switch of the gas.

18.Make oil cool down now add mustard oil into a lemon pickle.

19.Now add mustard pwd, fenugreek pwd, red chilly pwd, fennel pwd into the lemon pickle recipe. 

20.Mix well all the spices, oil into the lemon pickle.

21.Now leave this lemon pickle for some time when the lemon pickle becomes cool then store it in a clean, dry, moisture-free, air-tight container.

22.Then keep this container in sunlight for two to three days. 

23.Now you can start to eat the pickle.

24.Now enjoy your instant lemon pickle with rice, roti, idli, paratha, and nan.

25.You should store this lemon pickle in an air-tight container and keep it in the refrigerator if you keep it in an open place after few days white fungus can be developed.

26.Don’t store for a long time consuming quickly.

How to store instant lemon pickle

You have to keep all lemon pickle in an air-tight container and store in a refrigerator.

If you store pickles in an open place then after a few days fungi can be developed so to avoid this problem you always store this bottle inside the refrigerator.
Always prepare a small amount of pickle which will be consumed quickly. After that, you can prepare a new batch of lemon pickles.
If you want to store lemon pickle for several years without a refrigerator, you can follow my other post, which I previously wrote i.e dry lemon pickle.

Tips to protect instant lemon pickle from fungus 

These are few tips if you follow then you can store these pickles for a long time safely.
After washing lemon, green chilies, make sure it completely dried. You can keep it in sunlight for some time so that it doesn’t get affected by fungus.
  • After washing the knife, chopping board, glass jar, make sure that these are completely dried.
  • Use plenty of oil when you preparing lemon pickle. Make a layer of oil on the top of the pickle.
  • Keep the pickles in a glass jar or clay pot. Always avoid plastic containers.
  • Use always dry spoon to take out pickle.
  • You can take out a small amount of pickle to a small bottle for daily use to avoid frequent opening of the pickle jar.

Some important questions about instant lemon pickle


Q. Can instant lemon pickle prepare in large quantities?

Ans: You can prepare a large number of instant lemon pickles but I suggest don’t make too much instant lemon pickle. You have to consume quickly, so you make a small amount of lemon pickle when it finished then prepare a new batch of lemon pickle.

Q. Why fungus are coming to lemon pickles?


Ans: If you keep the lemon pickle in an open place after a few days fungus maybe develop due to moisture present in the pickle so always keep this type of lemon pickle in the refrigerator.

Q. Can this lemon pickle prepare quickly? 

Ans: Yes you can prepare this type of lemon pickle quickly.

Q. Can we skip any spices which are above mention?

Ans: No we can’t skip any spices. If we skip any spices then your lemon pickles aroma will like something is missing.

Q. Can we prepare an instant sweet lemon pickle? 

Ans: Yes, we can prepare instant sweet lemon pickle. This sweet lemon pickle is also very tasty. When we mix all spices at that time add jaggery syrup into the pickle.


If you have any queries about this instant lemon pickle recipe leave it below in the comment section. I will get back to you.
Always I am sharing other useful recipes. You can also try my other recipes.


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