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Baigan recipe – Today I am going to share a baigan recipe this is also known as Baigan bhaja which is served under the main course. It can be served as a side recipe. Baingan bhaja serve with rice,roti,paratha,nan.

This Baingan Recipe contains fewer ingredients like turmeric powder, salt, and oil. So this recipe is easy to make because all the ingredients are available in your kitchen.Ā 

In this recipe, the main ingredients are baingan eggplant or brinjal. You have to choose a good quality of brinjal. Good quality baigan or eggplant is very soft when you press them in your hand. It may be purple or green no matter what. Always take big-size brinjal for bhaja. You can get good-sized pieces from the large ones.


BaiganĀ  1 no


Turmeric powder



Take a big size soft baigan.

Wash it with water.

Then cut it into a circular shape. Make thick slices from it.

Take a bowl and take all the wash baigan pieces in it. Then add 1/2 tsp of turmeric powder and salt according to your taste.

Now coat the turmeric and salt all over the pieces.

Now put a Kadai or pan on the gas in medium flame.

Arrange all the baigan pieces on the pan. Then sprinkle a little amount of water over the baigan and cover it with a lid for one minute on high flame. Don’t turn the flame too low.

After two minutes open the lid and check If the pieces are not soft then flip all the pieces with the help of a spatula. And then cover it for another two minutes on low flame.

After two minutes, check if the baigan becomes soft, then remove these pieces from the pan.

Then keep a frying pan on the gas add some mustard oil to the pan then keep 3-4 pieces of boiled baigan pieces.

Now add some mustard oil over the pieces then fry for 2 minutes on medium flame then flip all the pieces and fry for another 2 minutes.

If you love spicy then you can sprinkle some red chilli powder over the baigan pieces.

Now, these pieces are ready. So take out these pieces from the pan now these pieces are ready to serve.

How to serve baigan bhaja

This is a baigan recipe that takes less time to prepare but the taste is awesome. You can serve this baigan bhaja with rice, roti, nana, and also with paratha. As an odia, I love this recipe with pakhal. We serve this recipe with different other recipes as side recipes.Ā  these are:

With Rice

You can serve this baigan bhaja with plain rice, jeera rice, pulaoĀ as a side recipe. This is very tasty with rice. ThisĀ  baigan bhaja can be serve in thali.

With Pakhal

Pakhal is fermented rice water. Baigan bhaja with pakhal is a good combination. That gives very good taste. If you don’t know what is pakhal or rice water i.e. prepared from leftover rice you have to add water to the rice and it will ferment in next day. This is known as pakhal. You can serve Baigan bhaja with this pakhal. Believe me, that taste is awesome.

With Roti

You can serve this baigan bhaja with roti, paratha, Puri,luchi. The combination of roti and baigan bhaja gives a very good taste. This bhaja contains moisture so you can eat with roti or paratha easily. If you love spicy food then you can sprinkle some red chilli powder over each piece which gives a very good taste to roti, paratha, and nan.


Pro Tips for Best Baigan Bhaja

Making a baigan bhaja is very easy but to make a perfect baigan bhaja you have to follow some tips and tricks. By preparing more time you can know how much time is required for perfect baigan bhaja. If you are a beginner you should follow some tips and tricks otherwise your baigan bhaja should become very soft and as a result, these are mixed. Which is not Baigan bhaja in taste and look. To get the perfect baigan bhaja you should follow all the tips and tricks.

In Baigan bhaja add baigan pieces in a hot kadai or tawa. Otherwise, it becomes brown in low temp and can’t cook easily.

Second, if you want to cook with less oil then you should sprinkle a little amount of water above the pieces and cover with a lid. If you are cooking with more oil then you first add oil (a little more mount)into the hot pan then arrange all the pieces on the pan and cover with a lid on medium flame after 1 to 2 min open the lid and flip all the pieces and cover the pan again and and cook in low flame for 1 minute then after 1 minute open the lid and fry in medium flame till light brown patches come over pieces. Now these are ready to eat.

Today I am sharing the Baigan Recipe according to my knowledge and experience. If you face any kind of problem during this baigan bhaja preparation you can write a query in the comment section then I will try to answer your query.


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