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Upma is a popular breakfast recipe. This upma recipe is prepared from semolina or suji with lots of veggies which is tempering with curry leaves and other herbs. This upma is healthy and tasty.

Upma recipe contains lots of vegetables of different varieties like carrots, cauliflower, green peas, capsicum with the main ingredient suji.
This recipe is rich in different types of vitamins due to lots of vegetables. Suji or semolina contains carbohydrates and protein and upma needs less oil which is good for our health. 

This recipe also contain lots of curry leaves and other ingredients like black gram dal, mustard seed which have medicinal value. so, this is good for our health you can add on your breakfast menu.

You can eat upma in breakfast. If you want you can take upma in your tiffin box. You can also pack this for your child.

This is a regular recipe in my home. We all are love upma in breakfast. In my home, this recipe is prepared for each alternative day in breakfast.

Upma is complete itself but if you want you can eat with fresh curd, raita, kadi, chatni. In my family, we all enjoy raw mango chatni in mango season and in other season with matar(peas) curry.  


 Types of upma recipe

 Upma can be a dry type or loose type. You can prepare according to your taste. 


 Ingredients For Rava Upma

Suji——————————1 cup

Onion—————————1/2 cup

Ginger————————–small pieces

Carrot—————————1/2 cup
Green chilies —————-2 no
Curry leaves——————2 tbsp
Black gram dal(without peel)-1tbsp
Peanut(boil)——————-1/3 cup
Turmeric pwd—————-1/2 tsp
Mustard seed(whole)——1/4 tsp 
Cumin seed(whole)——–1/4 tsp
Turmeric pwd—————-1/2 tsp
Hing—————————–1 pinch
Warm water——————2 and 1/2 cup
Salt  as per your taste  

Upma Recipe

Preparation for upma

  • Cut the onion into small pieces.
  • Cut the carrot, tomatoes into square pieces.
  • Cut the green chilies, ginger into small pieces.
             Upma Recipe               Upma Recipe


  1. Put a pan on the gas turn the gas into medium flame.
  2. Add raw suji or semolina to the pan.
  3. Upma Recipe
  4. Roast to remove raw smell.
  5. Roast suji for 3-4 minutes. No need to turn strong color. Roast till light color changes or looks in the pic.
  6. Now transfer all suji into a plate.
  7. Upma Recipe
  8. Add oil into the pan. Meanwhile, put a saucepan and add 2 and a half cups of water for boil.  When water comes to boiling point then take it out from the gas and keep this water inside for next use.  
  9. Add mustard seed into oil. 
  10. Add jeera whole into the oil. 
  11. Add black gram dal into the oil.
  12. Add onion, ginger, green chilies into the pan.
    Upma Recipe
  13. Add one pinch of hing into the oil.
  14. Then add curry leaves into the pan.
    Upma Recipe
  15. Add boil peanut into the pan.
  16. Add carrots cut into the pan.
  17. Add green peas, tomato cubes into the pan.
    Upma Recipe
  18. Add turmeric powder into the pan.
  19. Add salt into the vegetables.
  20. Now saute very well.
  21. Add a small amount of water to cook vegetables.
  22. Cover this pan and cook for 5 to 7 minutes. 
  23. Now add warm water into the vegetables and add salt for upma then left for 1 minutes.
    Upma Recipe
  24. Wait for the water to boil. Give a boil to all ingredients together. After boiling a mixing color comes.
  25. Water starts to boil then add 1tbsp of roasted suji into the water. It helps to mix all roasted suji into water easily.
  26. Upma Recipe
  27. Now add all the roasted suji in one hand and mix it in another hand with a spatula.
  28. Upma Recipe
  29. Now mix the suji with this water and vegetables very well.
  30. Upma Recipe
  31. Now cover the pan for 2 minutes or you can give a shape to upma like the above pic. Due to this shape upma cooks easily internally.
  32. Now turn the gas flame into low. 
  33. After 2 minutes open the pan and mix all upma again.
  34. Now upma is ready.
  35.  Serve it with fresh curd or matar(pea) curry.
       Upma Recipe

How to serve upma?

You can serve upma with  lots of side item some of are
  • Fresh Curd

Fresh curd with a little salt and a pinch of red chili powder. If you like the flavor of roasted cumin powder then you can sprinkle it over curd.

  • Curd with a temper
Give a good temper to fresh curd by oil, fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, curry leaves, red chilies. Add a little bit of salt into curd.
  • Matar curry


Upma with matar curry is famous in my region. The local language of peas is matar. It may be green or yellow. Matar curry is a side dish of upma. Matar curry deserves a separate post. I will share this matar curry in a different post. Here I am sharing matar curry shortly to give you an idea about matar curry.


Boil matar( Peas )and potato in a cooker. Then make a curry with ginger, garlic, onion paste. Add regular routine masala like cumin pwd, coriander pwd, red chilly pwd, turmeric pwd then add tomato puree, salt then adds garam masala pwd. In the end, add plenty of chopped coriander leaves. The consistency of curry may be runny or thick according to your choice but If curry is semi-runny type then upma will easy to eat with curry.

Difference between dry and loose upma

If you add less water to upma then your upma becomes dry type upma.

If you add a little more water in upma then it will become loose type upma.



  • Don’t roast for a long time. 
  • No need to change the color of the suji. Roast only till an aroma comes from suji.
  • When you add suji into boil water add it in two-phase. In the first phase add 1 tbsp of roasted suji. In the second phase add all the suji. In this procedure, suji will mix properly without any problems.
  • If you want dry type then add the proper amount of water.
  • If you want loose type then add a little more water to make loose type upma.

Some Questions About Upma

 Q. Why my upma become very dry?

Ans:- When you add less amount of water than requirement then your upma becomes dry. If it will happen then add little more warm water over the dry upma saute to mix water with upma cover the upma and leave it in low flame for 1 to 2 minutes. Now your problem is solved.

Q. Why my upma becomes very loose?

 Ans:- When you add more water then your upma becomes very loose type. If you are facing this type of problem several times you add less amount of water than the requirement and keep warm water inside.  Then prepare upma if require then add a little amount of warm water into upma and mix well.

 Q. In which time upma should eat?

 Ans:- You can eat Upma at any time but I feel Upma should eat in the morning breakfast because it digests properly in the morning time.

How to Make a New Recipe From Upma Recipe

 Sometimes we make more quantity of upma compare to our requirement, in this case, what should we do with this upma because leftover upma is not good in taste.

 You can prepare a new recipe from this leftover upma some of them are

  • Upma

You can prepare again upma from leftover upma. In this procedure repeat all those steps to make upma. Only use this upma instead of roasted suji and no need to add water before adding upma. You add upma first then add warm water according to the requirement to make soft this upma. In this procedure, you have to add a little amount of salt into upma because this upma have already salt. Now cover to make soft. Now your upma is ready. If you are a sweet lover you can sprinkle sugar over it or if your taste is salty you can enjoy this with a salty fresh curd.

  • Suji Tikka


In leftover upma, you can add onion cubes, mashed potatoes, green chilies, grated ginger, amchur pwd, chat masala, pav bhaji masala, a little amount of salt, add a little amount of basan, chopped coriander leaves and mix very well. Now make tikka and sallow fry this tikka. Make reddish color tikkas from this leftover upma. You can serve these hot tikkas with tomato sauce and chili sauce. 


  • Suji balls with veggie stuff 

  This suji ball is another recipe later I will share with you in a separate post here I discuss it shortly for reuse of upma. You kneed this upma with two tablespoons of wheat flour,2 tbsp all-purpose flour, a little bit of water as per requirement, and make a smooth dough. Now cover this dough with cotton.


Now make a veggie stuffing with your choice vegetables add spice. Put a pan on the gas. Add one teaspoon oil when oil becomes heat then add half teaspoon jeera. Now jeera start to splatter then adds boil veggie into the oil. Fry for 2 minutes then add regular routine masala like coriander pwd, cumin pwd, chili pwd, turmeric pwd, add some curry pwd then add some water and mix all the veggie. Add salt according to your taste. Cover for two minutes in medium flame. Add freshly chopped coriander leaves to make very interesting stuff. Now our veggie stuffing is ready.

 Now make balls from the dough and make small roti in hand and put stuffing in the center of roti now hold all the edges together and seal it to make it like a ball. 

Now you can deep fry these balls to get a very tasty suji ball with veggie stuff. If you don’t want to deep fry then you can brush with oil all these balls then shallow fry these balls. Serve these hot suji balls with veggie stuff with tomato ketchup.
If you are facing any problem to making this upma recipe. You can leave your quires in the comment box then I will get back to you. Always I am sharing other recipes. You can also try my other useful recipes.



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