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The banana pancake is a sweet recipe. This is a delicious and healthy recipe. You can serve this recipe at the time of morning breakfast or tea time. You can also pack this for your kids in a tiffin box.

In My childhood, my mom was always preparing wheat pancakes for us. Papa always brings lots of bananas after eating some of them are left. So mom prepared this banana pancake for us for morning breakfast and this version of the pancake was one of my favorite dishes from that day.

Banana pancake recipe
Banana pancake recipe

This Banana recipe needs only a few ingredients and these are easily available in your home. You can prepare this pancake with both wheat flour or all-purpose flour or you can mix both flours for preparing this pancake recipe.

This banana wheat flour pancake is very healthy because we all know wheat flour is always healthy again banana is very nutrient. Banana is a pack of iron, calcium, and antioxidants. Overall this is a very good recipe and the taste is also very tasty. If you are a sweet dish lover and love the banana flavor this recipe is for you. If you taste it once you prepare it again and again when you want to eat some sweet dish.

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In my home always wheat flour pancake is prepared but sometimes I prepare this recipe with a mix of all-purpose flour and wheat flour. Today I share this recipe with both flour but later I will share this healthy pancake with only wheat flour which is my mom’s recipe. She is preparing this in our childhood she also preparing this now with the same taste and looks. So Let’s start the recipe.


Ingredients Of Eggless Banana Pancake

Wheat flour – 150 gm

All-purpose flour – 150 gm

Banana 2 no

Sugar 1/2  cup

Cardamom powder  ½ tsp

Baking powder 1 tsp

Salt two pinch


Preparation Of  Banana Pancake without egg

  • Mashed the bananas.
  • Take a mixing bowl and add wheat flour and sugar, cardamom powder, pinch of salt, baking powder, dry ingredients properly.

    banana pan cake
    banana pan cake
  • Add a little amount of milk and mix all the ingredients. Then add a little more milkto make a thick batter. the batter should be like the batter of cake.  
  • Keep this batter for 15 minutes for rest.
  • Now batter is ready to make a pancake.
  • Take a pan or tawa and leave to heat on low medium flame.

    banana pancake rcipe
    banana pancake recipe
  • Then grease the pan with desi ghee or any oil.
  • Now pour the batter into the batter on the pan. The amount of batter depends on how much size you want. Spread the batter in a round shape.
  • Now, wait for 2 minutes on low flame then try to flip the pancake from the side with the help of a spatula. If you are using a nonstick then it can easily flip otherwise you add a little more oil on the side of the banana pancake to flip easily.

    Banana pancake recipe
    Banana pancake recipe
  • Now cook another side for two minutes. Now add ghee to each side and again cook both sides by flipping each side.
  • Now pancake is ready for plating.


How to serve Banana pancake

Pancake is a recipe that is complete itself no need to serve anything with this. You can eat easily without any side dishes. If you want to serve it with any other dish I will give you a suggestion that serves this recipe with chill rabdi. Otherwise you can take this banana cake with evening tea.

By preparing so many times I saw if you serve it immediately that pancake will feel moist so give it some resting time then its taste becomes very good.


How To Make the Best Banana pancake

To make the best banana pancake you have to follow some tips and tricks. By following these tips and tricks your banana pancake will become very tasty. Always choose overripe bananas for pancakes. Always make the right consistency of batter otherwise your pancake will not become very good. When you cook you should maintain the proper temp of the pan or Tawa.


Queries to Solve

Q. Can We add milk to Banana Pancake?

Yes you can make this Banana pancake with milk it will give a better taste than without milk but if you don’t want to add milk then you can skip the milk and you add water instead of milk.

Q. Are banana pancakes unhealthy?

This Banana Pancake is healthy because it contains a banana which is a pack of iron, carbohydrate, magnesium, and vitamins and this cake contains wheat flour which is very healthy. If you want more healthy then you can skip all-purpose flowers.

Q. How do you keep banana pancakes from falling apart?

Ans: If you make this pancake batter runny and banana chunks are big in size which makes your pancake undercooked.

Q. How do you make banana pancakes without baking soda?

Yes, you can skip baking powder in banana pancakes. Without baking powder pancakes will become very good but they will not become floppy. But the taste is good.

Q. Can you reheat banana pancakes?

Ans: Yes you can reheat banana pancake for a few minutes. Don’t reheat for a long time it may burn and a caramel-burning smell come out. You can reheat this banana pancake carefully.

Q. Why are banana pancakes better than regular pancakes?

Ans: Due to bananas the pancake will be banana flavored and taste also very good due to banana this is more nutrient.

Q. What are the benefits of banana pancakes?

Ans: Banana Pancakes contain banana, wheat flour, and milk as the main ingredients. Banana is rich in fiber, magnesium, potassium, and manganese.

Q. What can I do with my ripe bananas?

Ans: You can prepare banana pancakes with ripe bananas. You can also prepare banana cake

  • banana muffins
  • banana pudding
  • banana milkshake
  • banana ice cream
  • banana smoothy
  • Banana Pudi
  • Banana Paratha

Today I have shared Banana pancakes. If you are facing any problems during making this pancake recipe send me a query in the comment section. I will try to solve your queries according to my experience and knowledge.



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