Let's Try Upma Recipe


Semolina or suji  veggie(carrot, green peas, cauliflower etc. ) Onion Green chilli Peanut Curry leave oil salt

Cut all the vegetables in small square pieces. You also cut tomatoes in cube size then cut onion into julienne.

Cut green chilli into small pieces. Take some peanuts and curry leaves. Cut zinger  into small pieces,

Put a pan on the gas. Take one cup(200gms ). Then add suji or semolina into pan and roast continiously.

When color of suji start to change and raw smell is gone then it is ready for upma. Now switch of the gas and keep this in a bowl.

Again switch on the gas and put a pan. Then add 2 tbsp of oil and  then add zinger pieces and onion julienne's and then add green chilli pieces saute continiously

Then add alll peanuts and saute it. When onion turns to transparent then add all vegitables and turmeric pwd, salt then cover it for 1 minute.

After 1 minute open the cover and  saute again and add warm water then add little amount of salt keep in your mind that salt is already  added in vegetables.

Cover this till water boil . When water start to boil open the cover add semonina .To avoid lumps stir continiously in one hand  and add semolina or suji in other hand.

Now water start to evaporate now turn the flame to low and cover for 1 minutes. After one minutes open the cover again and saute properly.

Now upma is ready to serve. You can serve this upma with green chutny, dahi(curd) or with any sauce. You can also serve this with peas curry or potato curry.