Love Fish Curry ? Let's Cook Today

By  Plates With me

Add some mustard oil on the pan then add 4-5 pieces fish on the pan and fry one side. After 3-4 minutes flip all the pieces and fry other side till light golden brown. 

Add Some mustard oil on the pan then add onion Juliann's  and fry  till golden brown color. Then add some whole cumin seed when cumin seeds are crack then add some whole spices. 

Add  wet spices like onion, garlic, paste etc. Then add some dry spices like cumin pwd, coriander pwd etc. Add some tomato pieces.

Mix all the wet spices and dry spices and fry  till water evaporated and oil comes out from spices. Now a spicy aroma comes out from this.

Now this is the time to add water into the spice. If you want runny type fish curry then add little more amount of water or you can add water to cover the fish.

When this gravy boil add all the fish pieces then add salt. When you adding salt keep in your mind that fish have already salt in marination.

After 5-7 minutes fish are becomes soft and gravy become thick this is the time to add garam masala powder and then add chopped coriender powder. 

Now Fish curry is completed. This is the time to dish out the fish curry from pan to plate. Now serve fish curry. Enjoy your favorite fish curry.