Let's Try Egg Curry Recipe

Put a pan on the gas. Add oil  on the  pan. When oil becomes hot add all the boil eggs and fry for to minutes in medium flame.  .

Then add 1/2 tsp of turmeric pwd and red chilli pwd on the egg and saute it. Fry all the eggs till it turns to reddish golden color .

Add oil on the pan when oil becomes hot then add some cumin seeds, bay leaves,cinnamon, cardmom. Fry for 1 minutes. 

Then add all onion juliennes and fry till onion colors turn to golden brown color. Now time to add other spices. 

Now add zinger, garlic paste and fry for 3-4 minutes. When a rosted spice aroma comes then add 2 tbsp water to avoid burnig.

Now add coriender pwd,cumin powder, chicken curry pwd and all tomato cubes and little bit of salt and fry till all mix  together.

Add all fried potaoes and little amount of water and cover it for 2 minutes. You may skip these potatoes.

Now time to add water on this curry and let it to boil. Cover it. After 5 minute when gravy start to boil add all the eggs. .

Let boil this curry for 5 minutes. When gravy becomes thick add garam masala pwd and coriender leaves. Then switch off the gas. Now egg curry is ready to serve.