Rasgulla is the most popular sweet in india. From child to old age all people are love this sweet. This rasgulla are made up of chhena and sugar.  


Besan Ladoo 

Besan Ladoo is the one of authentic sweet. This is made up of besan, desi ghee, bura and dry foods. 

Besan Ladoo 

This is prepared in different festival like Rakshya Bandhan, Dipawali, Holi, Dussehra etc.


Keer is another sweet recipe. This is made up of rice, milk, sugar and lots of dry food.   This is prepared in most of the occasions. Kheer is also offer to god as a prasad.


Jalebi is also a authentic sweet recipe. This jalebi is prepared by all purpose flour, corn flour and sugar. This is also prepared in festival,marriages  etc

Gulab jamun

Gulab jamun is a popular sweet. Juicy sweet balls which are all time favorire sweet of sweet lovers.  

Gulab jamun

This sweet are prepared from koya but now gulab jamun are easily prepared from milk powder. You can also easily prepare this recipe by  instand  gulabjamun recipe.